Birds in Flight Sanctuary needs your help to save wildlife. We have outgrown our home and need to move.

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 Birds in Flight Sanctuary was founded in 1992 to provide rescue, rehabilitation, and medical care of sick, injured and orphaned birds of prey and waterfowl.  By providing a safe place to rest their wings, Birds in Flight Sanctuary offers a second chance at flight.  Through public education and research, we hope to ensure their future for years to come. 

 We do not receive any state, federal or county money. 

 All Funding is from Private donors. 

Exciting News...

Scheidemantle Motors

has donated a minivan to Birds in Flight Sanctuary .

From everyone at Birds in Flight Sanctuary we send a big 

THANK YOU for the much needed van.


Birds in Birds in Flight Sanctuary licensed by USFW and the Ohio Division of USFW and the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

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In 2013...

BIF reached approximately 500,000 people last year through 87 education programs.
BIF received over 9,000 calls from concerned people about animals.
BIF rescued 1600 animals last year from 16 counties.

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Birds in Flight Sanctuary is a Non-Profit Organization

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Birds in Flight Sanctuary has been asked to accept animals from an additional 6 counties in Ohio.  With these additional counties Birds in Flight Sanctuary is in need of supplies and funding.  If you can help please contact us. 

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