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  Education is critical to Birds in Flight Sanctuary. 

 These paid programs help with the care, housing and feeding of all the birds permanent and temporary. Birds kept for use in education programs are ones deemed non-releasable by a licensed rehabilitation facility and the United States Fish & Wildlife. We will bring live birds to your scout meeting, park programs, sportsman shows, store openings and any other gatherings where bird lovers would enjoy seeing live birds.  These programs give people the understanding, appreciation, and concern for raptors and other wildlife. Birds in Flight will explain the licenses required to run a rehabilitation facility, environmental issues, and then the birds are welcomed one by one for their introduction.  It is a captivating way to bring the wild to you. 

If you would like to book a program, fees are discussed individually.  Programs run from 45 minutes to a display program up to 4 hours.  Please call 330-652-3381 for fees and scheduling.   

Programs book fast so please call early to get your chance to bring a “wild thing” to your event.

** Now booking 2016! Dates are already filling up fast...January thru March are already booked solid! Contact us today to reserve your date! **


Upcoming Shows!!!

Join our birds for a hootin' good time!!

These are Public displays that all can enjoy and see the birds at.  Check back often for new public shows to be announced...

NileNile Niles Sportsman's Show-  McMenamy's Banquet Center  -  March 4th - 12pm to 8pm &  5th - 10am to 7pm &  6th - 10am to 5pm 

 Pet Expo-  Yankee Lake  - April 2nd - 10am to 6pm &  3rd 10am to 5pm 

Nature Realm (1828 Smith Rd., Akron, Ohio 44313) - June 11 1-3 pm ONLY


Phoenix - Red Tailed Hawk

Indy - Swainsons Hawk

 Rough-Legged Hawk - Mordor

Muddy - Barred Owl

         Whitney - Screech Owl

Shilo - Harris's Hawk

Ariel - Red Tailed Hawk

Sir Nicolas - Merlin Falcon

 Shumla - Gyrfalcon


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Isis - Broad-Winged Hawk

LuLu - American Kestrel

Skyler - Short-Eared Owl

Misty - Goshawk